Virtue Signal: The Game of Social Justice is a card game parody of social justice activism.

In Virtue Signal you play as one of several different social justice warriors. The object, simply, is to attract a coalition of NPC followers to your cause, whatever that is. The first player to 15 is the winner.

Virtue Signal simulates the power struggles and one-upmanship that goes on between activist groups. The issues themselves are of little consequence, they are merely useful tools to get leverage over others.

May the wokest warrior win.

Microaggressions and Virtue Signals

A microaggression is a some bizarre infraction against your progressive piety that makes others cluck their tongues,  and stroke their beards.

Microaggression cards are played on an NPC card in a player’s coalition, rendering it inert.  An NPC with a microaggression card on it cannot be added to, and it does no count toward the player’s score.  In most cases it also cannot be destroyed or stolen.

Microaggression cards are removed by virtue signaling. A virtue signal is some overt display of progressive piety that make you seem like a better person, but which doesn’t actually help anyone or accomplish anything. To remove a microaggression, one must play a virtue signal of the same alignment as the microaggression card. Red for red, blue for blue, etc.   Pretty simple.


Plots are universal modifiers that alter the rules of the game. Only one plot can be in play at a time, and it affects all players. Plots combine with the characters’s superpowers to create interesting play strategies and in some cases pretty devastating effects. 

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