Incel Riot Studios would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm our strong belief that racism is bad. Racism is bad, and you should not do it. And by "it," we mean the racism. If you believe you have a problem with racism, stop it. Stop it and get some help.

We believe that you should only do good things and not do bad things. Bad things like racism. We believe it, like, really strongly.

Ew, racism. Just quit it.

We are so committed to stamping out racism that we convened out graphic design team for an emergency meeting. We asked them if they could make a snappy anti-racism statement, and they said "sure". We asked them if they could make it white-on-black and they said "you bet". And then we asked them if they were racist, and they assured us they are not racist. Boy I tell you that was a huge relief.

So go forth today and be less racist than you were yesterday. We believe in you. Together we can make it happen.


Virtue Signal: The Game of Social Justice is a card game parody of social justice activism.

In Virtue Signal you play as one of several different social justice warriors. The object, simply, is to attract a coalition of NPC followers to your cause, whatever that is. The first player to 15 is the winner.

Virtue Signal simulates the power struggles and one-upmanship that goes on between activist groups. The issues themselves are of little consequence, they are merely useful tools to get leverage over others.

May the wokest warrior win.


The long-promised expansion is very nearly upon us.

Virtue Signal: Incel Riot takes a whack at the other extreme of the political underworld. You know who I mean.
Weaboos, internet trolls, bearded basement dwellers, boogaloo boys and school shooters, oh my.

Backed on Kickstarter; an easily playable game with high-quality production values. Excellent art and humorous text rips itself straight from Huffington post and other bastions of wokeness. Highly recommended. ★★★★½
Elegant design, and very well produced. Surprising depth and replayability for such a quick and light game. ★★★★★
The perfect punch-down rape-apologist edge-lord identifier for your collection, this game will be unparalleled at helping to identify which of your current friends soon won't be! ★☆☆☆☆
Magic Pink
This is hate speech pure and simple. ★☆☆☆☆
Fast-paced and fun! It's pretty easy to learn but get a big enough group and thing get real strategic and cut-throat. TONS of cards and replayability, and the art really pops. This might sound dumb, but I even play solo with multiple characters sometimes.

Oh and I gotta say, I don't see why people got so mad over this game. I'm quite liberal but can still see the clear comedy in it. The archetypes and ideas used here are relatively extreme and would made fun of by most anyone regardless of their politics. It's just a game, calm down, but it's a good one IMO. ★★★★★


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