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    Hi there, I really dig the game idea for Virtue Signal, and I was curious whether you have any more projects in the works after VS is published?

    Folks at Kotaku in Action really dig the Virtue Signal, so I thought that perhaps the next project could be a video game? (I’m personally a fan of classic point & click adventures like Day of the Tentacle and Leisure Suit Larry)

    Virtue Signal: the Game of Social Justice (parody card game – Kickstarter) from KotakuInAction

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    I have some ideas.  Probably something more serious next time.

    There are so many things that haven’t been done yet.


    Also KotakuInAction isn’t banned yet?  Impressive!

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    You know, I believe that the whole Anti-SJW movement is now becoming a counterculture of sorts, with an underground art market and stuff, somewhat similar to the 1960s. There’s the Gamergate’s Vivian James as an art symbol, and also Rachel Haywire’s New Art Right, etc.

    Perhaps we could chat in PM, I have some experience with storywriting, so I would be interested to hear about your projects?

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