Azn Riot Grrrl


Superpower: Tit for Tat

Azn Riot Grrrl may instantly retaliate in kind against anyone who attacks her personally She may not retaliate against cards that affect multiple players even if she is the only one affected.

With the following caveats:

  • Microaggressions can be retaliated against with other microaggressions regardless of alignment.
  • If Riot Grrrl is subject to multiple attacks by one player in a single turn she may retaliate that number of times.
  • For any other kind of attack, Riot Grrrl must retaliate with the exact same card, provided she has one in her hand.
  • These action(s) is instantaneous and does not count as a turn.

For example if Riot Grrrl is attacked by You Didn’t Build That, she may immediately retaliate with You Didn’t Build That if she has one in her hand.

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