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Slide Virtue Signal is a card game parody of social justice activism. In Virtue Signal you play as one of several different social justice warriors. The object, simply, is to attract a coalition of NPC followers to your cause, whatever that is. The first player to 15 is the winner. Virtue Signal simulates the power struggles and one-upmanship that goes on between left-wing activist groups. (The issues themselves are of little consequence, they are merely useful tools to get leverage over others.) May the wokest warrior win Yuge! There are 216 cards in the base game, and 410 with all the expansions (currently). Hundreds of original illustrations. Hope you brought big hands. Browse the Card Wiki trending_flat Strategic Dozens of unique specials, plots and effects for almost infinite replayablity. And with the Deplorables expansion things get very weird indeed. Salty We've lost track of how many places this game and/or website is banned. It would be quicker to list the places it isn't. F them if they can't take a joke.

Behold Come And See Yea, Verily How Dare You?

Slide Our Campaigns Virtue Signal: Deplorables and the Celebrity NPC Pack are currently (still) crowdfunding and are due to make landfall in January 2021. Meaning there's still time to get in on it if that's something you think you want to do. We'll keep creating more content as long as people keep asking for it. Watch this space. Come and See

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