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The Explosive Rise of Timothy Daniel Pool

The speedy rise of Tim Pool as a political pundit has inspired an army of average Joes with a desire to replicate his success. “If Tim Pool could do it, then why not me?” — the YouTube star wannabe and political influencer imagine as they set up their podcast.

Because after all, how different is Tim Pool from every other Tom, Dick, or Harry? But like every superhero who was suddenly blessed with a superpower (and in Timothy Pool’s case: superstardom), the question that should be on every wannabe podcast star’s mind is “what’s the source of Timothy’s power?”

Tim’s Beanie of Inscrutable Alignment 

Enter the Beanie of Inscrutable Alignment. With this nondescript yet at-the-same-time glaringly obvious piece of statement-making apparel, the wearer of the beanie is able to plant themselves dead-on center on any political issues.

These are the people who are known as the “moderates”. Or “middle of the road”. The median of the mean. Basically, basic. Through the beanie’s power of perpetual perplexity, the person who dons it will summon its ability to appeal to the widest amount of “moderates.”

The Inscrutable Alignment Complements the Undiscerning Audience

Conservatives tend to be reactionary in nature. Often, their strategy for political survival consists of “fighting back against The Left”. This is why most conservatives get a sort of high when they find out that a person had flipped from being a Democrat into a Republican.

In this case, Tim Pool fits perfectly into the mold of the conservative’s favored child. Nothing screams “we will win the culture war!” stronger than successfully converting a Bernie Sanders supporter, who had also worked for Vice. The fact that Tim Pool came into the scene as a “former Occupy Wall Street leftist” meant that the red carpet will be rolled out for him by default.

Beggars Cannot Be Choosers, I Guess? 

Needless to say, when you’re on the losing end of a war, every minuscule victory you’re able to scrape upon the battlefield is a call for celebration. It doesn’t matter that Pool is a hard “moderate”, meaning that he doesn’t pick a side. Still, to conservatives and those on the right, it is sufficient that Tim Pool exists.

You can think of the rise of Tim Pool on the right as an attempt to soothe a participant’s spirit in a sporting event; whereby the losers will receive consolation prizes for participating. Tim Pool is the right’s consolation prize. He is all they deserve for putting up with the Left’s active destruction of the American ideal.

Proper Credit to Tim Pool

But Tim deserves credit where credit is due. The one thing that Tim Pool holds a steady principled stance is on the issue of free speech. In the matter of free speech, Pool’s political alignment is clear. As much as he will sit on a fence on any and every issue, he will at least walk through the gates in order to defend the right to free speech.

In this respect at least, Tim Pool still exemplifies the American spirit. One could say, that perhaps this was the reason why Tim Pool jumped ship and join the ranks of the right. The right, as impotent in the culture as they are, at least still cherishes the freedom of speech.

Your Own Piece of Inscrutable Alignment 

So, for all the wannabe influencers, podcasters, and YouTube pundits inspired by Tim Pool’s success, unless you’re formerly from the enemy’s team and are ready to make a jump to the right, chances are, Timothy’s success is not replicable.

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